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I am a photographer in Mesa, AZ. I love photographing people in interesting locations. I've got a beautiful wife, Tara, she'll tell you how good I am (so will my mom). My three kids are Marky 7, who at four years old stood up in church and exclaimed "I'm tired of doing what the Lord wants." Bo is 3 and will go to Home Depot just for the hot dogs. Ava is 17 months old and a complete knockout, really, she's a strikingly pretty little girl.
When Marky was 1, I decided in my senior year at ASU, not to go to Law School, but to become a photographer. Suprisingly enough, everyone was really cool with it. So we moved to Santa Barbara to study at the Brooks Institute of Photography. I was learning a ton and commuting back to AZ to service about 200 clients with whom I had built relationships. One day while sitting in a portrait class I decided that this particular instructor was lousy and a waste of Uncle Sam's 4.9% Federal Money. Within days we were back in AZ looking for a new place and shooting fulll time.
I love my job. I crave making images. There is emotion and permanency to portraiture. I approach all of my jobs as if this is the last photo ever taken of my subject. Sadly, it sometimes is.
I'd love to talk so feel free to comment and interact.


reading, american history, listening to decent music, running and football related sports, collecting magizines with great imagery, and film