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July 08, 2007


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Michelle Sullivan

Hi Mark, great to see you tonight at Jacquies and Rustys wedding. I ran into Tara in the parking lot on my way to the car and she told me look at your blog. I have been out of town and haven't looked at it in a couple weeks. I just wanted to tell you one, that I love Tara, and she's so amazing, and how sorry I was to hear about her cousin, I know his dad and Tara's grandfather, such a wonderful family. Then I wanted to just tell you how much I Love your work. You have such a gift, and you made me miss the beach and Coronado even more. Steve and I were married on the beach behind the Del, and it is one of my most favorite places. We have been there a few times for the fourth. Next time we go there I am calling you. It was great to see you and Tara, Thanks again for my fabulous pictures, talk soon. Michelle

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