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January 01, 2008


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You should be proud. It is Awesome!

maren urkov (rasmussen)

wow mark, INCREDIBLE!!! i have the chills.

Emily Miller

Wow! I just found your website through a family website. This is so beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest of it! I also looked through many of your pictures. You are so talented and I know your photos make so many people happy.

Alyssa (Hoffman) Foust

I just got back from the temple and saw everything. It is amazing I honestly felt the spirit so much and I have never in my life seen more beautiful pictures. I dont think anyone could have done it better!

Alyssa (Hoffman) Foust

I just got back from the temple and saw everything. It is amazing I honestly felt the spirit so much and I have never in my life seen more beautiful pictures. I dont think anyone could have done it better!

Lydia Michael

Mark...Ron and I went last night and everything was beautiful!!! You can tell you worked hard and was inspired. I want some copies of your pictures. Dani and the other angels were beautiful. You could really feel the spirit there and I loved it all. The music was awesome so I need to call Jason to tell him what a great job he did. Thanks for sharing your talent with me and the world. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments!

Ben Grimm

Hey Mark,

Okay, so I meant to post this message on this one. I have met you once before but you probably don't remember me and my family. We live in Salt Lake City but are actually from Huntington, Utah and are good friends of Kenny and Lisa and the gang. I met you at Grandpa Bawden's once before. Anyways, I was down in Phoenix this last week and had an opportunity to go with the Bawden's to the Visitor's Center at the Temple and look at your amazing pictures. I was with Sam and told him that as soon as you sell these things I would like to buy one. I know that I at least want to buy the one of the Angels. I was on your website trying to show my family what these photos look like and watched this little clip that you have put together. I was watching it with my 4 year old and when she saw the finished product she asked me if that was Heaven. I told her that it was close. She said she wanted one of those to hang in her room. So just let me know when you start selling these things. I need one for her room.


Judy Van Steenkiste-Reber (Aunt Judy)

Mark, amazing...God has given you such a gift. Thank you for standing for Him and pursuing your dreams for Him. You will touch the World with His great Love! Most important thing you could ever do! God bless you, Aunt Judy (Mikey's aunt)

Linda Pickles

Jeff and I visited your display at the Visitor's Center, and we were so impressed. You really did a remarkable job and we're so proud of you and your accomplishments. Thanks for working so hard to bless the lives of so many. We really felt the spirit there through your photos.

Also, we wanted to thank you again for the family pictures you did for us. We were so pleased. We had so many people ask us where we got the backdrop for the picture, to which I replied--"that wasn't a backdrop---it was the real thing." You were right. That is a beautiful spot.

You're AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

Linda and Jeff

Tafi Taase

I LOVE YOUR WORK!! Will it be available for purchase? WHEN!??? I've favorited all of your youtube clips, and just cannot watch them enough. I've been raving about your pictures since I've seen them, and funny enough my sister in law said that you were actually the photographer at hers any my brother's wedding. Seriously....please post if and when your work will be available to purchase.

Thank you!

camilla Wright

We just went to the visitor's center last night to see the gallery. It was so beautiful, truly a wonderful evening. Great job and we all (my fam) can't wait to see more and hopefully someday buy one! Thanks for such great inspiration and sharing it with everyone.

Janan De Silva


I wanted to thank you for your wonderful presentation of Reflections of Christ. I was lucky enough to take a family who we converted while I was serving my mission to see the presentation. It has been 8 years since they were converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your presentation touch my heart as well as theirs. The entire family (10 year old son and 8 year old daughter included) were moved to tears and expressed how touching it was to see what the Savior has done for them in such an awesome lay out. I thank you for those precious moments I got to see the true effects of the Gospel on this family. Your message touched their hearts deeply as well as mine! Thank you!

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