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November 23, 2008


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Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I have browsed through all of the photographs you have taken and they are in fact amazing. I don't think that I could pinpoint 1 in particular because they are all equally as important to Christs Life. The perception that you have given in these pictures really makes Christ feel real very right here, right now. I am a solid believer, and I just love that you took a project like this.

Beautiful job. Really a blessing.
Thanks! Tarah


I would like to commend you on following a passion and seeing it through to fruition. The artistic culture needs more artist who create from their soul, from their inner being and not just recreations. As the Christ is superior to anything a human could even try to portray in any kind of art, you have done a great job to portray Christ as you can through the artistic talent he has granted you. Giving the viewer a place to go in thought, simply initiating thoughts of Jesus' life as well as capturing it with incredible photography, video, and music.

May God bless this project that glorifies Him and inspires others to follow suit. Keep us posted on your next journey!



How do words even start to explain what I feel. I am very overwhelmed with the feelings I have had while watching this video and looking at you photographs. It has helped me to remember the Savior and all the He has done for me. I have given up on myself and thought that He had as well. My favorite picture is of the woman who was an adulterer. I feel very much like it was a portrayal of me. It helped me to know that I have only given up on myself. Christ has not given up on me. Thank you for bringing some hope that everything will work itself out and that all I need to do is allow Him to love me. Beautiful.

Jennifer Boswell

Reflections of Christ came at a moment when I was stuggling to get closer to Christ and felt I was never going to get there. I walked through and my spirit caught on fire. It was almost painful. When I left I couldnt' get the images out of my mind, I wanted to talk about it with everyone because it was so strong I had to share it. One of the pictures that really touched me was Joy. So rarely do you see any pictures of Christ having Joy. Celebrating with his cousin or family. That wasn't part of his life was shared with the world and it made me feel closer to him. Thank you so much for sharing this blessing!


Wow, I was sent the slideshow by email just yesterday I think I've watched it about ten times and never once without tears. It is absolutely beautiful. I watched it with my two daughters 5 and 7. Each time it ended they would say "play it again", so we did. I have several favorites, Christ walking on water, Mary and Joseph, I love how Joseph is standing gaurd, the one on the beach, I hope that will be me one day with the Savior just talking. And the angels, that one really hit me they are not all doing the same thing and I love that. This came to me at a time in my life where I am really struggling to find my own "music" and play it. I'm inspired to keep looking. Thank you seems a very insignificant thing to say. I want to be better because of your work.


I live in the east and so I didn't know anything of this exhibit until reading the Deseret News one day. The article led me to this site and to the slideshow. I have not been able to see it without tears. The images are so powerful and bring a realness to the life of Christ in a way that paintings can not. We decided to show the slideshow at my youngest's baptism from the DVD while she was getting dressed. We have baptisms after church so people can attend more easily. Sometimes this is hard with young children because they have already been there for 3 hours. The baptism was a little bit noisy until we played this. You could have heard a pin drop. When we came back in from getting changed, my daughter said "Oh good, we haven't missed the whole thing." She was very excited and had watched it at home several times. There was an investigator there that day who was also touched and has sinced been baptized. This is clearly not just a beautiful exhibit but one that touches hearts and souls. Thank you for all your hard work. You were truly inspired to create such a wonderful project.


I watched the DVD with my 4 children ages 9, 6, 4 and 2. They all laid and watched the entire movie. The music was so calming it even put my 2 year old to sleep, who never will fall asleep anywhere except his bed. My other 3 children were in tears and could feel the spirit and said that they felt close to Jesus by watching it. They had questions and it was great to have a discussion of Christ with them. I was able to bear testimony to them, but the true testimony was the images that were so real and so amazing. Words can't describe what you feel when you see the pictures. They also all commented on how much they loved the music and now they fall asleep at night to this beautiful music. I know your work has helped them to remember their Savior.

Trudy Ovard

Thank You. I am in the midst of a refiners fire right now and this video combined with the music has soothed my Soul and given me Peace, you have my Gratitude for this. I now have these pictures and this music in my memory to help sustain me in pressing forward. I Love the Savior and this is how I have always seen Him in my mind. Please continue on with your gifts and talents and share them with us all.

Lindsey Maughan

Once you are a parent you feel like you have recreate that Christmas magic for your family, and I took a lot of that pressure onto myself. Seeing the photo of the angels took me back to a memory that was as acute as it were yesterday, reminding me what the root of my childhood Christmas excitement was about.

My sister owned a Kurt Bestor Christmas C.D. I confiscate it every Christmas. (Growing up). One of the songs just sounded so regal to me. I would decorate my room with Christmas lights, turn the real lights off, and then dance to the music. This particular song to me just felt like it was written for the angels announcing the birth of the Savior. I would dance as if I was part of the heavenly host that was allowed to announce the birth of the Savior. It made feel humble, hopeful, and joyful.

You might have to be a dancer to understand this...but I KNOW I was up in heaven dancing with joy when Jesus was born. I know how I felt when my baby, Noelle was born. When you are holding this new life in your arms knowing they will change your life forever. Imagine. Jesus Christ would change everyone's life forever! And he had just been born! It is no wonder that a star couldn't contain its light, that angels couldn't contain their song, and that kings could not refrain from the pull to find HIM!

Thanks for photographing a moment that I believe happened. Merry Christmas!

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