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November 26, 2008


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How can I pick just one favorite... impossible! This book is amazing and I LOVE watching this video. My children are just in awe watching it with me. One of my favorites is just the back of Christ and you can see the nail marks in his hand, he is in the white robe. I also love the one of Christ walking on water and of Mary and the baby Jesus. See - I couldn't pick just one. =) My husband served his mission in Honduras and I can't wait to show him that priceless video of that sweet man after you gave him a picture. Are you going to sell prints/enlargements of single pictures? I would LOVE to hang a huge one in my front room. You all have a beautiful spirit for putting this together so perfectly and I know God lives and loves us all... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US... flaws and all. Thank you for uplifting me every time I watch this and cannot wait to get my copy of this book.

John B

I ordered the Book for my Mother for Christmas. I've asked for the book for me for Christmas. I ordered two CD's for gifts as well. I'll likely get the DVD too.. :) So I guess the answer to your question is #1 the book #2 CD #3 DVD #4 Fine Art Prints.

Great work with this project. As a photographer I am thrilled to see photography being taken seriously as an art form.

Megan B.

I just saw the exhibit in Sacramento. I was very touched by the two baptism photos and the Savior's joy. The one I connected with the most was of Christ healing the blind man. I could see the way the man was clenching the Savior's robe and the furrow of his brow, an emotion I have felt before, saying "Please help me. I believe in you." That one brought tears to my eyes.

Terri Hatch

I agree with so many others that it is impossible to pick a favorite. Your photography is stunning. Our whole family has this blog bookmarked and we come to it many times through the week. Our children (ages 2-8) love it as much as we do. Seeing those scenes through photography and not just oil and canvas is powerfully moving. Thank you!!


We were invited to dinner with my husband's oldest brother and sister in law. They are serving a misson at the Sacramento Temple as ground keepers plus whatever is asked of them. After dinner my sister in law said "There is this awesome exhibet going on over at the stake center....really, you HAVE to go take a look." She was right, It is an awesome showing of some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. We have a 33 yr old son with Downs Syndrome and he happened to be with us. After the video about the making of...we went back in to see the pictures with an enlightened eye. We were getting ready to leave and I went in search of our son. He was standing in front of the picture of the cruxifion..the one with Christ still on the cross. He looked so sad and had big tears welling up in his eyes. I asked him if that picture made him sad and he said yes and grabbed me and gave me a big hug. He has a very sensitive nature and loves the Lord very much. Thank you so much for those lovely images. They will stay with me for a long time.


I agree with Jenifer, how can you possibly pick just one? I wasn't even aware that the exhibit was in town until a co-worker mentioned it to me. I was able to run out to the Fresno West Stake Center on my lunch for a brief moment. It was worth every bit of the time that I spent there. There were a number of paintings that stuck out to me in various ways. I am fond of the story of the adulterous woman because it so clearly demonstrates Christ's love for his children...his love for ME. I also loved the Ascension. I wish this one was an available print to purchase. It's such a great reminder that Christ will once again return. I don't know that I have the right words to express how grateful I am to have experienced this artwork. It came at a time when I desperately needed to be reminded that Christ loves me, and made it possible for me to return to my Heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Lori Muse

My absolute favorite is the baptism photo with Christ smiling. We always think of the Savior in such a serious light but I just know that the real Savior was like this photo, smiling, full of joy and rejoicing in the message of the gospel. My daughter was baptized yesterday and we used this picture in the talk on baptism, it is such a powerful image and increases my testimony of the love that the Savior has for us. Thank you for creating this project and helping to increase my testimony.


I just received the fine art print I purchased and I couldn't be happier. I purchased it as a gift for my brother, a seminary teacher, and I'm wishing I'd ordered more than one. (Maybe after Christmas!) I also own the book, dvd and cd. I just read through your commentary in the book and cried the whole time. You really were destined for this work and I, for one, am grateful that you heard the call! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talents, your time and your family with the rest of us. You've blessed many and will continue to bless countless more. Merry Christmas!


Wow, I just received an email of your video on you tube and I had to look up your site. I am so sad that I am two days past your 20% off deal. I am in awe of your work. Thank you for your inspirational art.


Last evening 12/13, I attempted to use the coupon code "reflections" to see if it would accept it and apply the discount and it did!!! So anyone who wants to purchase the prints should still try using the coupon code - as, apparently, it is still active - yeah!!!!!!

Question for Mark:

I would like to purchase the video that is/was shown on the original website. Is it available somehow, or will it ever be made available for purchase? I have heard from several people who have purchased the DVD that they were expecting THAT video to be on the DVD. I haven't purchased or watched the DVD myself yet, so I can't offer my opinion unfortunately. All I know is I would absolutely love to have the original video. Please see what you can do to make that available Mark - I fell in love with your work when I first watched THAT video!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Cameron Keys

Thanks for the great photos. I also love the one with Christ being baptized and smiling.

I love to play the piano and bought the sheet music, as of 12/21 the coupon code still works. Hope this helps.


My favorite picture is the one of Mary laying next to the Baby Jesus because in all of the other pictures you see of them she is always kneeling beside the baby...but come on - she just gave birth in a pile of hay and nobody has stitched her up - she's exhausted and cradling her new baby...it's much more 'real' than any other picture I've ever seen.

I also love the one of Christ from behind where you can see the nail prints in his hand...you have done an incredible job...thank you for this wonderful gift.

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